ERP Solutions

When you consider ERP services, consider that every ERP project is a new journey. The first step out the door is one of optimism, but also one tempered by potential obstacles and uncertainties that may lie on the path ahead. The journey to a new enterprise system can be costly, complex, and fraught with risk. Our ERP services and guidance helps you transform your business systems to modern technology, and make significant improvements to your business performance from that technology transformation. We help you manage and remove the obstacles to controlling risk, cost and complexity so your company can achieve a maximum ROI on your technology investments.

ERP Solutions

What ERP systems do we implement?

ANY! We are a 100% independent, impartial ERP consultancy. Whether it be SAP, MS Dynamics, Sage X3 or Infor LN or legacy systems such as Baan – we have the skills, knowledge and expertise to help you Select, Implement and Optimise. We have worked with Tier 1, Tier 2 and specialist ERP systems. Our team have decades of ERP project experience and implemented dozens of different ERP systems – so we can apply that breadth and depth of knowledge to get the best out of any ERP system.

ERP products

What sort of ERP resources do we have?

Our core team competencies ensure we have extensive skillsets covering all aspects of an ERP project: ERP functional and technical consultancy, project management, change management, business analysis, data migration, testing, training etc. We can provide individual resources to fill specific resource gaps for you, or we can provide a team tailored to your project requirements. Our core team is supplemented by an extensive network of associate consultants meaning we can match specific client requirements to the right expertise.

How much will our ERP services cost?

We started our practice because we were fed up with the all too prevalent consultancy firm approach of high costs and not a lot of end product. And when it came to ERP – often very poor results. Our business is built on delivering value – if we don’t think we can deliver value and return for your investment in our consultancy services, we will walk away. Our business is built on our good reputation so we wouldn’t take the risk.

We will flex and tailor our services to suit your requirements and your budget – so we don’t really have a standard service and a standard price.

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